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Braylon Edwards: New York Jets folded up circus tent

When Braylon Edwards spoke Thursday about rejoining the New York Jets for his third stint with the team in five years, he portrayed the current administration as more stable than the circus-like atmosphere of years past.

"I think a lot of time people fall out of their role and they try getting involved in other things that don't concern them," Edwards said, according to USA Today. "That's not just the players and a lot of time when it's not just the players, that's when organizations fall apart. ...

"People need to stay in their lane. When they stay in their lane, you got everybody going straight. You can't crash if everybody is going straight and everybody is in their lane. But if you're weaving in different lanes, then you have crashes, you have pileups. If we got everybody going straight, the sky is the limit."

Of course it behooves the wide receiver to talk about how his current boss (general manager John Idzik) does a better job than his former boss (Mike Tannenbaum) at not meddling.

Edwards also said he doesn't "sense" the carnival atmosphere as he did during his Jets stint last season. Circus or no, what Edwards needs to be concerned with is producing more than 10 receptions in three games this go-around.

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