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Brandon Weeden ready for fresh start, new questions

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- You could probably deduce this on your own, but Brandon Weeden is looking forward to a time when you stop talking about how old he is.

"You have no idea," the Oklahoma State quarterback said during a sit-down with Around The League on Wednesday. "I've answered that question so many times."

We've reached the point where -- like all other top prospects -- every element of Weeden's existence has been studied. Case in point: He received a questionnaire during the combine asking if he was a dog person or cat person. (For the record, he likes dogs and he has no earthly idea if that raised or lowered his stock.)

The Weeden draft narrative has been all about two things: his failed baseball career and his advanced age. While drafting a player who will be 29 by next season's midway point is certainly a worthy talking point, Weeden's college production seems to have been marginalized on some level.

Weeden went 23-3 as a starter with the Cowboys, beating Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill along the way. Not bad.

"Lately, it's been brought up more so than early on," he said. "I'm all for it being brought up. I take a lot of pride in winning a lot of games at Oklahoma State and doing what we did was special for those two years."

Weeden's No. 1 target during his college run was Justin Blackmon, once the hands-down top receiver on the board but now in an unlikely competition with Notre Dame's Michael Floyd to be the first wide receiver taken.

I asked Weeden how he would sell Blackmon if an NFL GM asked for his advice.

"One, turn on the tape, then bring him in and get to know him," Weeden said. "He grew up in a great family, his mom and dad raised him extremely well, and so he's a great guy, great teammate. ... He's kind of a can't-miss guy."

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