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Brandon Weeden of Cleveland Browns upset by media

On Saturday, we pointed out some interesting comments by Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden in which he certainly appeared to questions aspect of his coaching staff's preparation against the Dallas Cowboys.

"There's a couple of routes we ran on Sunday for the first time all week and that's not fair to me, it's not fair to the receivers, it's not fair to any of us," Weeden said.

Weeden talked at length about the issue, which coach Pat Shurmur disagreed with. This was picked up by a few media outlets. And Weeden was reading.

Weeden responded to tweets by SB Nation's Bomani Jones and the NFL on FOX, upset with their coverage.

"Our play calling has been great all year... Wasn't what was said AT ALL... Not even on the same topic..." Weeden wrote to FOX.

He's since deleted both of those tweets, which were lovingly documented at LarryBrownSports. But he left the tweet that best sums up his position.

It's a stressful time in Cleveland for Weeden and the entire organization. They have played far better than their 2-8 record indicates, but the spectre of a coaching change looms over the entire season. Weeden knows that a new decision-maker will likely be brought in, which won't help his chances of remaining the quarterback "of the future" or the present.

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