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Brandon Weeden needs to keep passing, Childress says

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress wants rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden to continue being aggressive with the ball. Weeden had a 34.3 completion percentage, threw four interceptions and finished with a 5.1 quarterback rating in Week 1's 17-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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"You prop him back up and get him back on the horse," said Childress, according to the Browns' website. "I'd worry about him if he didn't keep shooting. You've got to keep shooting.

"You're trying to give him throws that he's comfortable with, which we had our chances. We had some swings at them; we just didn't execute quite the way we needed to execute." I don't know why the thought of Brad Childress consoling Weeden after a fourth interception makes me chuckle.

But really, what else are you going to say to your hand-picked quarterback? The Browns made the decision to draft Weeden No. 22 overall and give him the starting gig. Then he goes out and has an all-time horrid debut.

What more can you say when things went about as bad as they can go?

"I don't feel like it's too big for him," Childress said. "You're going to throw interceptions. The first pick in the draft (Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts) threw three." **

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