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Brandon Marshall throws fuel on Bears-Packers rivalry

Brandon Marshall had a tell-em-why-you're-mad-son moment Wednesday during his news conference at the Chicago Bears' practice facility. The wide receiver brought a miniature Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree to the podium before ripping the Green Bay Packers, who will visit the Bears on Sunday.

"This is the biggest game of my career," Marshall said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne. "I'm excited about it. I've had this game marked since we played them last. (Charles) Woodson, those guys, they do a lot of talking, so this is personal for me. We all know the rivalry. We all know what's at stake. I'm going to play it like it's my last game.

"For me, the reason I would like Charles out there ... I want him out there because of some of the things that they say. I take it personal when someone takes jabs at the way I approach the game or my career."

Marshall won't have the chance to play against Woodson, since the Packers safety was ruled out Wednesday. We don't even really remember what the Packers said after their 23-10 win over the Bears in Week 2. Marshall was asked about that, too.

"I'm not sure," he said. "You'll have to go on Google or something."

Marshall said Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers was the team's most valuable defensive player during Green Bay's September win.

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"Coach Capers did a great job of game-planning us and game-planning me," Marshall said. "I didn't beat double- or triple-coverage or whatever they were throwing at us. I take it as a slap in my face when guys talk about my lack of ability to do something against them when they have help all over the place. So I'm looking forward to one-on-one coverage. Hopefully those guys in games like this may go to their coach and say, 'Let me have him. I want Brandon Marshall. Let me have him one-on-one press coverage.' Let's see what happens."

Marshall continued to explain how personal he takes this game.

"I don't like the Packers," Marshall said. "I'm not going to use the word hate. But I really dislike the Green Bay Packers and their players. But the talk has to back it up. We'll go out there and do everything we need to do to get a win.

"I've never felt this strong in sports versus any team or any players. ... Like I said, this is personal. I respect the things they have accomplished. I respect where they're at. I'm always going to respect my opponent. But all that shaking hands stuff, it's not going to happen. I've never been shut out in one-one-one coverage ever in my life."

Well, that escalated quickly. Marshall only has been with the Bears this season.

The Packers-Bears rivalry rarely ever needs extra juice, but Marshall just gave it some.

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