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Brandon Marshall: I don't like playing vs. Brandon Carr

Instead of providing bulletin-board material for an opponent, Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall opted for flattery.

When asked about a potential matchup against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr on Monday night, Marshall said Thursday he's not looking forward to it.

"I don't like playing against Brandon Carr," Marshall said, per The Dallas Morning News. "He presents a lot of tough challenges throughout a game. You'll notice he changes up his game when he plays against bigger receivers. He's strong. He's physical. He plays that way against guys like myself.

"I absolutely hate the matchup. It's like playing chess out there with him. Every single play is a battle. He just makes you work so hard."

Carr had several solid games earlier in the season, but since a Week 8 encounter when he got smoked by the Calvin Johnson -- the receiver with the skill set closest to what Carr will face Monday night -- he's been mostly average.

The Cowboys corner declined to say who he'll guard when asked Thursday on NFL Network's "Around the League Live" if he'd match up with Marshall or streaking stud Alshon Jeffery. Carr did say that if given a choice, he'd opt for the devil he knows.

"I'll go with Brandon Marshall," Carr said. "I've faced him a lot of times throughout my career. That would be a good matchup. But I guess we'll see who checks who on Monday."

We've contemplated multiple times recently whether or not Jeffery has surpassed Marshall as the Bears' best receiver.

The difficulty in differentiating the two receivers is muddied because teams continue to roll coverage toward Marshall and allow Jeffery to dominate one-on-one matchups.

"Teams now have to play fair," Marshall said. "He's starting to put on tape and show the NFL that the Chicago Bears have two wide receivers that can dominate, so if you want to double me or roll coverage, Alshon is going to be on the other side, licking his chops and taking advantage of each opportunity."

At some point, coaches will have to adjust. Jeffery's combination of size and speed are a mismatch on any team's No. 2 cornerback.

We could see a matchup Monday in which Carr takes on Marshall one-on-one and the Cowboys' defense rolls an extra defender toward Jeffery.

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