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Brandon Marshall: 'Chatter' over Jay Cutler vs. McCown

Coach Marc Trestman and No. 1 receiver Brandon Marshall have been unwavering in their support of Jay Cutler, but there are some corners of the Chicago Bears locker room that wanted to stick with Josh McCown's hot hand at quarterback.

Marshall told Jay Mohr's Fox Sports radio show Tuesday that the decision to turn back to a healthy Cutler was not unanimous.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, there is a little chatter," Marshall said. "There's a human-element side of things in the sporting world.

"You have a QB like Josh McCown playing so hot, not only playing great ball for the Bears, but he's one of the hotter QBs in the NFL. He was up there with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, those few weeks he was leading us. So naturally there's going to be a little chatter."

There was nonsensical sentiment that Trestman was proven right after the Bears' Week 15 victory at Cleveland, but Cutler didn't play a clean game. He stared down Marshall, displayed sloppy footwork, held the ball too long and didn't go through his progressions.

That's not to say Cutler won't knock the rust off against the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers in the finaltwo games. But it's understandable that some members of the Bears prefer McCown. He's performed at a higher level in Trestman's offense.

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