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Brandon Jacobs, New York Giants split over money

When a 6-year-old fan shipped his life savings -- all $3.36 of it -- to Brandon Jacobs, in an effort to keep him from leaving the New York Giants, we couldn't help but smile.

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It wasn't enough to prevent the running back from signing a one-year, $1.575 million deal with the San Francisco 49ers, but Jacobs said he and the Giants weren't that far apart.

"It was just money, that's all it was, a couple hundred thousand (dollars)," Jacobs told Rome, per The Star-Ledger.

If it came down to "just a couple hundred thousand bucks," Rome asked, wouldn't the Giants want to bring Jacobs back?

"You would think so," Jacobs said.

It's clear the Giants were prepared to move on. Jacobs, at his best, was a powerful, downhill runner who used his 6-foot-4 frame to smash into -- and through -- defenses. He compiled 4,849 yards during his seven seasons in New York, but his production tailed off. We didn't see that same player last season, and he isn't a sure bet to make San Francisco's roster.

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