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Brady tells Pats owner he'll play better in Super Bowl

Everybody answers to someone.

Following New England's AFC title game win over Baltimore, NFL Films caught Tom Brady huddled in conversation with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, apologizing for his uncharacteristic play.

"I promise you I'm going to play a lot better in two weeks," Brady promised his boss, via

"You did fine," Kraft responded.

That's quintessential Brady, the only quarterback asking forgiveness for dragging his team into the Super Bowl.

Brady told a national TV audience that he "sucked" against the Ravens. His numbers (22 of 36, 239 yards, two interceptions, one rushing score) were out of character, but after three Super Bowl titles and a decade of glory, Brady's on a wicked long leash with Kraft.

"He's still pretty good in my book. I'll take him over any quarterback," the owner told this week. "I've been watching the NFL for a long time and there's no quarterback I'd rather have. He might say he sucked, but we won the game."

Brady sets the bar once again. After all, if this guy is apologizing to his boss for a shaky performance, then what sort of epic, heartfelt note is Curtis Painter currently penning to Jim Irsay in some desolate cabin north of Indy? Grim times.

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