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Brady Quinn poised for more Kansas City Chiefs snaps

Teammates of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel reportedly are losing confidence in him following another rocky outing in Sunday's loss to the San Diego Chargers. The coaching staff might not be far behind.

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Coach Romeo Crennel admitted Monday that Brady Quinn could pick up some first-team snaps in practice this week. Crennel broached the idea of benching Cassel at some point, even if only for a drive.

"You pull him out, put somebody else in, let him settle down and maybe he goes back in," Crennel said. "As a coach, you get a feeling about whether he's making good decisions, poor decisions ... those kind of things all kind of play into it."

Cassel has 10 turnovers on the season, so he has made a lot of poor decisions. Cassel is not the type of playmaker, like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who can make up for many mistakes.

"At some point, as a coach, you go through and you see what's happening in the game and how a guy is reacting and how he's responding to what's happening in the game," Crennel said. "If you feel he's inept, constantly making poor decisions, bad choices, then that's when you move on from him and give someone else a chance."

The Chiefs' home crowd chanted for No. 3 quarterback Ricky Stanzi on Sunday. Crennel can only hope that's the low point of the season. We aren't likely to see Stanzi anytime soon, but it sounds like we're another bad Cassel performance away to getting the Brady Quinn experience.

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