Brady is influential, but somebody in his camp is not

Four NFL players made Forbes magazine's 2011 list of America's most influential athletes, led by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Also on the list are the Steelers' Troy Polamalu, the Colts' Peyton Manning and the Broncos' Tim Tebow.

Hmm, does it seem like there is somebody on that list who doesn't belong?

But that got me thinking, if these guys are the most influential, then who are the least influential people in the NFL. With that in mind, we have created in inaugural Pick Six list of the NFL's least influential people.

And without further ado ...

6. Jay Cutler's image consultant
Who dropped the ball here? Dating a reality TV show star can be good (Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian) or bad (Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson). But at least date a reality TV star who is still on TV. When did Kristin Cavallari's "Laguna Beach" go off the air? And don't get me started about the sideline thing on the NFC Championship Game.

5. Curtis Painter
I once asked Jeff Saturday if Painter is allowed to make eye contact with Peyton Manning. Saturday assured me that Manning has a great relationship with his backup quarterbacks. Well, except for that whole letting them play thing. I like to imagine that Painter shows up about six minutes before kickoff.

4. Albert Haynesworth's fitness guru
Being the biggest salary thief in Washington D.C. is quite an accomplishment, but somehow Haynesworth has managed to do it taking the heat off both sides of the isle. But come on, it is one thing to figuratively be a fat cat, and quite another to be one literally.

3. Tom Brady's fashion consultant
Congratulations to Brady for landing such a foxy lady like Gisele Bundchen. But with recent appearances like the ponytail at Carnival, the near-mullet at Angel Stadium and now this Hannibal Lecter "having an old friend for dinner," attire at the Kentucky Derby, you have to wonder if Gisele will start looking at Ryan Mallett, too.

2. Bills' Super Bowl parade coordinator
Well, this might have seemed like a hot job during the very early 1990s, but this bubble burst quicker on this job than the entire dot-com boom combined. And even worse, there were rumblings that this job is being courted by politicians in Canada.

1. Donovan McNabb
The Eagles thought so little of McNabb that they traded him to the division-rival Redskins. The Redskins became so disenfranchised with him, they opted for Rex Grossman last season, and now they might even turn to John Beck. But at least Bernard Hopkins took time out of his training to call out McNabb.

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