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Brady calm, collected as Pats-Jets showdown nears liftoff

Sunday's Patriots-Jets tilt promises to re-open old wounds and establish the vibe for an AFC East race (we're not forgetting you, Buffalo Bills) that could go right down to the bitter end.

As the Jets hedge closer to disarray -- with Rex Ryan going nuts after two straight thrashings and Joe Namath emerging out of the woodwork to kill the team -- Brady's not biting on the idea that New York's injury-ravaged roster is on the ropes.

"Join the club," he said of the Jets' roster woes during his weekly radio spot on WEEI-AM. "They'll be ready to play. They've got a lot of good players."

Brady wasn't overly preoccupied with who All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis might line up against: "It really doesn't matter. They've gotta cover everybody."

"Everybody" would include, among others, wideout Wes Welker, whose outrageous 40 catches and 616 yards in four games reads like something off a Madden simulation gone awry in some Patriots fan's basement.

In a worst-case scenario, Brady acknowledged that a poor outing against the Jets could mean that his likeness in a massive UGGs billboard above Boston's streets could become the target of vandals.

Still, Brady, always landing on his feet, won't lose any sleep: "It's possible, but I'm sure we'll slap another one right on top of it."

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