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Bradie James knows why Texans better than Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James won't play at Jerryworld on Thanksgiving, but he still has a big Turkey Day game.

The Houston Texans starter will face the Detroit Lions in the early game, and he's thankful for the lack of "distractions" on his new team.'s Albert Breer asked James, who spent nine years in Dallas, what the difference is between playing for the Texans and playing for the Cowboys.

"It's the organization as a whole, and that starts with (Texans owner) Bob McNair and his approach," James said Wednesday in Detroit. "He's not on TV every week. I mean, it is what it is. He's around, and it starts with that guy. With the owner, that trickles down to everyone, from the players to the equipment manager. You really gotta see it to believe it."

And there you have it. We would call that a veiled shot at Jerry Jones, but it's not really that veiled.

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