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Boley blows off Kehl's attack on Fewell as 'bunch of smoke'

Giants linebacker Michael Boley came to the aid of his defensive coordinator Perry Fewell on Thursday, denying accusations from Rams linebacker Bryan Kehl, who said he observed New York's coaching staff teaching fake injuries as a stall tactic during his time with the team in 2010.

After Kehl witnessed Deon Grant and linebacker Jacquian Williams fall to the ground on the same play during the Giants' 28-16 win over St. Louis, he told Howard Balzer of "Perry Fewell coaches that. He's their (defensive coordinator). He coaches that."

Boley told the New York Post Friday that Kehl's remarks amounted to "a bunch of bull."

"Bunch of smoke, man," Boley said. "That's why he's an ex-teammate, man. It's one thing if you leave a team, you go somewhere else, if you didn't like it there, keep it to yourself. There's no point in trying to bad-mouth another team just because they let you go."

Boley -- who generated headlines Monday night for whipping a football into the face of an unsuspecting video intern on a fumble return for a touchdown -- went on: "I don't think I've ever had a coach who ever said anything remotely close to that."

Boley's claims aside, Fewell's enigmatic nondenial Thursday did little to extinguish the matter, telling The Post: "I can't say I've ever done that and I can't say I haven't done that."

We see little that's been accomplished via the mudslinging -- beyond tedium. Feigning injury to stall the no-huddle remains a part of the game, nearly impossible to police under the league's current rules. Until the trend becomes readily punishable, the truth remains veiled behind a haze of white noise and misdirection.

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