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Bobby Wagner: Broncos were 'scared' of Seahawks' D

The Seattle Seahawks steamrolled the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII like a bully at recess.

When prompted during an interview on ESPN's *First Take* on Tuesday, Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner agreed that the Broncos' offense was intimidated by Seattle's defense.

"They looked scared out there," Wagner said of the Broncos. "Nobody wanted to catch the ball. Nobody wanted to come up the middle."

Wagner pointed to a booming hit by safety Kam Chancellor on Demaryius Thomas as the starting point of the defensive clinic.

"If you look at the previous games, (the Broncos) got a lot of balls across the middle," Wagner said. "That first hit, Kam came across the middle, smacked him. You didn't really see too many balls caught across the middle (after that play). If (balls were caught) they were very timid. That says a lot about our defense.''

Physical play isn't a revelation to the Seahawks, who have helped create a blueprint that other franchises are trying to follow. Wagner said Seattle's physicality flows from the team's depth and tenacity.

"That says a lot when you go out against our defense, you really have to have your head on a swivel because everyone is trying to tackle you," Wagner said. "If I miss a tackle, somebody else is going to come and clean it up. Everybody is coming after your head."

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