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Blowout or Tebow'd: What impresses the voters more?

The alternative rankings faced an ethical dilemma this week. Do you reward a team that was so bad that they needed to have a promotion for the opposing team's quarterback to get people into the stadium? Or do you reward a team that has one of those showy losses, a historically bad performance in an effort to score points with the voters?

Well, you won't have to wait too long to find out. The alternative ranks are ready to start right now.

And without further ado ...




Very rare are the teams that win, yet move up in the rankings but that is exactly what happened here. The Broncos' pathetic display for more than 55 minutes was enough to seal the deal for the sixth spot in the poll. The Broncos would probably be even higher in these rankings, but this team lacks the desire that their opponent had. In order to move up, the Broncos could take a lesson from the team on the other side of the field last week. Up next: vs. Detroit




The Vikings are caught in a holding pattern here and some might argue that they showed a little life with Christian Ponder playing quarterback. And it's true, the Vikings did play well against the Packers and that kind of effort threatens to keep them from challenging for the top overall pick. Up next: at Carolina




The Cardinals have nobody to blame but themselves for being in this position. A loss to the Cam Newton-led Panthers in Week 1 and Arizona has a pretty solid claim for the top spot. But that lack of focus has dogged the Cardinals since Charlie Trippi and Gaynel Tinsley retired. And that's the rub for Arizona: bad but not bad enough to be No. 1. The Cardinals have not had the No. 1 overall pick since 1958 and that streak figures to continue. Up next: at Baltimore



ST. LOUIS (0-6)

You have to feel bad for St. Louis. This would be a magical season in any other year, threatening to go winless, yet it pales in comparison when put shoulder-to-shoulder with the seasons that Miami and Indianapolis are putting together. The good news for St. Louis is that New Orleans comes to town, which should ensure another spotless week. But after that, the schedule starts to get easier and really could threaten to ruin this dream season. Up next: vs. New Orleans




We see you getting blown out on national TV, Colts. But sometimes it seemed as if you were trying too hard. The voters don't take kindly to you running down the score in order to impress them. The Colts need to show that they are at least trying. We are not going to reward this obvious futility. A coaching change, though, that might impress the voters. Up next: at Tennessee




The Dolphins continue to hold on to the top spot for their thrilling come-from-ahead defeat. There were times when, watching this game, it appeared the Dolphins were going to need a miracle to lose this game. And that Dolphins miracle came in the form of Tim Tebow. Not only did the Dolphins allow the ineffective Tebow to morph into a Danny Marino, they lost an onsides kick, too. That is seemingly unheard of. To have a perfect season, you need to have some luck on your side and you have to get some breaks. The Dolphins look like they can put together a magical season. Up next: at New York Giants

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