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Blaine Gabbert will be Jaguars' starting QB vs. Colts

The quarterback carousel spins on in Jacksonville, where the Jaguars are preparing to reenter the Gabbert Zone.

Coach Gus Bradley announced Monday that Blaine Gabbert will start in Sunday's tilt against the Indianapolis Colts after missing two consecutive games with the hand laceration he suffered in the season opener.

"We feel good about him going into this week," Bradley said.

That means the bench for Chad Henne, who was 43-of-76 passing for 476 yards and one touchdown with two interceptions in back-to-backlosses to the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. Henne's 6.2 yards per pass attempt are ugly, but it's all-star material next to Gabbert's 3.5 against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1.

The Jaguars want to find out, once and for all, if Gabbert has the skills to lead Jacksonville out of the wilderness. The team clearly is in the conversation for another quarterback in May's draft, but it was just two years ago when they used the 10th overall pick on Gabbert.

"I just know the fastest way for us to get better is to stay away from discouragement," Bradley told reporters Monday.

If there's something to cling to in Jacksonville, it's Bradley. He proved under Pete Carroll that he can craft a wrecking ball of a defense. The quarterback question is trickier, especially if the answer isn't on the roster.

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