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Blaine Gabbert out for Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2

We thought we'd see Chad Henne this season, just not this soon.

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley announced Monday that starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert has been ruled out for this Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders after sustaining a laceration on his throwing hand during the team's 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gabbert jogged off the field in the season opener's final minutes Sunday after suffering the cut, which Bradley told reporters was "severe" enough to rip off a portion of the passer's skin on his right hand, The Florida Times-Union reported.

"It's got to heal, and we need to keep it clean," Bradley said. "The big concern would be with the amount of stitches, that it could re-open and then the chance of infection occurring. We're going to handle that right. Hopefully we get him back next week or after the (Week 3) Seattle game."

With Gabbert already playing through the pain of an injured thumb on the hand, the Jaguars sputtered from the start against the Chiefs, advancing past Kansas City's 36-yard line only once in four quarters.

Gabbert hit on 16 of 35 passes for 121 yards with two interceptions, but those numbers are deceiving. He was incapable of sustaining drives or generating points in what turned out to be an ugly beginning for the Bradley regime.

Despite the outing, the Jaguars planned to stick by their man, announcing Sunday night that Gabbert would get the nod against the Raiders if healthy.

Now it's Henne's turn, and he might not leave the lineup if he can move the ball. There's clear commitment in Jacksonville to discover -- once and for all -- what Gabbert is capable of, but not at the expense of winning games.

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