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Bills' Sammy Watkins, EJ Manuel still developing trust

The Around The League Podcast has spent the past month debating which wide receiver will lead the Buffalo Bills in production this season.

Sammy Watkins has the higher draft pedigree, but Robert Woods currently enjoys a better rapport with quarterback EJ Manuel.

In an interview that aired Thursday night on NFL Total Access, Watkins acknowledged to NFL Media's Alex Flanagan that his connection with Manuel remains a work in progress.

"It's not fully there. I mean, we've been connecting at minicamp, and OTAs," Watkins said. "But at the same time, I could be wide open, and if he don't feel it, or if I run it a different type of way, he won't throw the ball.

"So it really just got to come with him believing in me. I believe in him. He can throw just about any ball. So it just comes down to ... we just need a lot of reps."

Although Watkins is an early favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year, he doesn't expect to break any records in his first season.

"I think we have enough players for me not to think I need to have 1,500 yards receiving," Watkins explained.

The good news for Watkins is that he has plenty of time this summer to get on the same page with Manuel. If that happens, the No. 4 overall pick will bypass Woods as the go-to receiver in a run-heavy offense.

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