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Bills' Nelson hugs Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend after TD

The story involving the Bills wide receiver and the Cowboys cheerleader quickly turned into a fairy tale. A really awkward, potentially employment-endangering fairy tale.

David Nelson, a native Texan and longtime boyfriend of fourth-year Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich, promised he'd have something special in store if he caught a touchdown pass in front of his girlfriend Sunday.

Well, guess what happened? In the second quarter of the game at Cowboys Stadium, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick rolled to his right on a second-and-goal play and found Nelson for a 3-yard touchdown pass.

Nelson, who clearly has the greatest life ever, hopped to his feet and made a beeline toward Reich, running approximately 80 yards to reach his pompon-holding damsel. That led to the utterly surreal sight of a player from the opposing team embracing and handing a football to the standard-bearer -- the very symbol -- of the cheerleading profession.

CBS cameras, which followed Nelson's entire journey, held the shot on Reich for a good 10 seconds after the receiver departed to rejoin his Buffalo teammates. And Reich looked appropriately mortified by the whole situation.

"It was a special moment to share with her," Nelson, who scored the Bills' only touchdown in a 44-7 loss, told The Associated Press. "I didn't want it to be awkward. She knew it was coming; I don't think she knew what was coming.

"If it would have been a better situation, I would have done a little more," added Nelson, who said an on-field marriage proposal wasn't in his plans. "Being down 14, I'm not going to go to celebrate too much."

If we were Kelsi, we'd pray to the cheerleader gods that her beau doesn't ever score against the Cowboys again. You know Big Brother -- read: Jerry Jones -- is always watching.

But Kelsi wasn't concerned with such things after the game.

"What a special day today was!" she tweeted. "I feel so blessed & so proud of @DavidNelson86! Thanks for my game ball, I wont let go of it :) happiest girl!"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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