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Billick would pass on Tebow if Broncos dump him

Count Brian Billick among those immune to the enchantments of Tebowmania.

If the NFL Network analyst were still coaching, it sure sounds like he'd pass on Tim Tebow, should the Broncos lure in Peyton Manning and ship last year's starting quarterback out the door.

"The Denver Broncos, who, in a very unique way, energized their fan base, the league as a whole. Tebowmania. Found themselves in the playoffs and even won a playoff game with Tim Tebow," Billick told PFT Live on Monday. "And they don't want him? Why should I?"

Sound logic, but even if 31 coaches feel the way Billick does, Tebow will find a new home if he becomes available. He's an awkward fit for most offenses, granted, but the trigger will be pulled. By someone.

Jacksonville remains an intriguing fit, influenced by the marketing gold Tebow represents in Florida, and an owner who's gushed over the former Gators star. Also a factor: Blaine Gabbert's sleep-inducing rookie campaign, not exactly the stuff of myth.

Just as the Broncos emerged from the woodwork to court Manning, surprising some, Tebow's landing spot -- should he become available -- remains just as mysterious.

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