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Billick, Mora willing to give Lions' Suh another chance

As we await word from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on exactly what Ndamukong Suh's punishment will be for his Thanksgiving Day stomp in the Lions' loss to the Packers, everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter.

Heck, even some of Suh's teammates have accused him of being selfishly out of control.

Now comes some perspective from two former coaches and current NFL Network analysts Jim Mora and Brian Billick, who addressed whether or not Suh is a dirty player during Monday's edition of "The Coaches Podcast."

"I do appreciate the way he plays a football game from snap to whistle," Mora said. "I love his passion, I love his enthusiasm, his intensity. I think he plays with the violence that is necessary to play this game. ... I think what Suh obviously has to learn is that when that whistle blows, it's time to shut it down and then be able to turn it back on. When he's playing snap to whistle, he's got to play within the rules. You never want to take the passion out of your players."

As for Billick?

"Let's keep in mind this is a young man. This is a pretty intelligent, articulate young man. Young people make mistakes," Billick said. "... We have drawn the line in the sand. Now you're either going to walk back from that and recognize you've cost your team, and you've cost yourself and your pocketbook. You've cost your integrity and the way people look at you. This is one of life's lessons. If he can't walk it back from this, and in whatever fashion necessary get it under control going forward, then now you've got a bigger problem."

Given the multigame suspension that Suh likely will face, he'll have plenty of time to ponder how much -- if at all -- he wants to change.

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