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Bill's bluff move leaves Jets QB Sanchez blushing, holding

Had this been the playground, Mark Sanchez's flinch would've earned two hard punches to the arm.

The quarterback was involved in an entertaining play near the end of the Jets' 27-11 victory over the Bills when he mixed it up with Buffalo cornerback Drayton Florence.

Sanchez lined up wide in the Wildcat formation and went face to face with Florence, who bluffed a move toward the QB before the snap. The bluff startled Sanchez, causing him to throw his arms up and back pedal.

Likely more than a tad embarrassed, Sanchez chased after Florence and actually was called for a holding penalty that wiped out a 18-yard run by Joe McKnight.

"Oh man, that was awesome!" a positively giddy Phil Simms said in the CBS booth. "He flinched! He is going to get destr ... oh boy, this is funny stuff! That's going to make highlights. I'm sorry, Mark."

Settle down, Phil. Let's all just take a few moments to compose ourselves.

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