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Bill Clinton talks Cardinals QBs with Larry Fitzgerald

These days, part of being Larry Fitzgerald means facing an unending line of queries about the Arizona Cardinals' unsettled quarterback situation.

We're guessing Fitzgerald assumed he'd have a respite from the questioning earlier this month when he traveled to Uganda to do some charity work. But Kolb v. Skelton followed Fitzgerald halfway around the world, thanks to Bill Clinton.

Presidential advice

Barack Obama joked that Michael Vick needs to slide more, but will the Eagles QB honor that request? Dan Hanzus has the latest.

Yup, Bubba himself. The former president also was in Uganda as part of the Clinton Global Initiative, and he wanted the wide receiver's take on the Cardinals' hottest storyline.

"This guy, the day before I saw him, he was in South Africa for Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday," Fitzgerald said, via The Associated Press. "He was there with 100 people from all around the world, showing the work he's doing in Africa. All his things, the foreign politics, the things that are going in his life, he still knows exactly what's going on, not only in the NFL but what we have going on in Arizona. It was mind-boggling to me. The dude is unbelievable."

Fitzgerald estimates he has traveled to around 80 countries, with many of the visits tied to charitable endeavors. He was in Uganda to distribute hearing aids to impoverished citizens. Larry Fitzgerald's a pretty unbelievable dude himself.

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