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Bill Belichick tight-lipped about Tim Tebow plans

We don't know how much of an impact Tim Tebow will have with the New England Patriots. We do know we'll be entertained watching Bill Belichick go Burmese Python in his attempt to suffocate the life out of Tebowmania.

Belichick was at his guarded best for his first meeting with reporters since Tebow officially signed with the Patriots on Tuesday. He said virtually nothing of substance. Expect this to continue.

"Anything we do is what we feel is in the best interest of the team," Belichick said in his opening remark on the matter. "Tim's a talented player that's smart and works hard. We'll see how it goes."

Belichick repeated a variation of that thought several times before attempting to halt questions about the most famous third-string quarterback on Earth.

"I think we've already talked enough about him," he said. "We'll see how it goes and just go from there."

Curiosity wouldn't end there, of course.

Reporter: How will Tebow be used?

Belichick: We'll see. I don't know.

Reporter: Have you had any conversations with Urban Meyer in the last 48 hours?

Belichick: Nope.

Reporter: How much does offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' background with Tebow help?

Belichick: I don't know.

Reporter: How did Tebow's camp react to the Patriots reaching out?

Belichick: I don't know, you'd have to talk to them about that.

Belichick knows answering Tebow questions on a daily basis was part of the deal here. His strategy will be to continue to do what he does: Say nothing, reveal less.

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