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Bill Belichick: Football is easier to play than golf

We mentioned earlier this week how Bill Belichick began his offseason by playing golf with Peyton Manning at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in coastal California.

The New England Patriots' coach apparently isn't as confident on the golf course as he is managing an NFL team.

On Saturday, Belichick told the Golf Channel that he's been commiserating with Manning and his own quarterback, Tom Brady, about the difficulties of golfing in comparison to football.

"Yeah, I mean there is a lot more pressure here playing golf because it's just you," he said in an exclusive interview with the network. "I was talking to Tom and Peyton, actually, I played both of them this week, we were just commenting on how much easier it is to play football where we sort of know what we're doing versus coming out here, where it's just you, no teammates."

(Insert snide joke about Brady winning without teammates for years.)

The one thing that makes it a bit easier for Belichick is that the golf fans at Pebble Beach are less hostile than the ones at Foxborough.

"The difference is in football, if it's third-and-5, and we gain four yards at home, the fans boo," he said. "Here, no matter how far into the woods you hit it, probably the worst you'll get is an, 'Ooooooooooooooooooh.' The fans aren't quite as intense."

Don't get it twisted, Bill loves the boos. We know it, he knows it, everyone knows it.

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