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Biden to San Franciscans: 'Giants on their way to Super Bowl'

San Francisco, you'll have to excuse Joe Biden for his blunder Wednesday. He has bigger fish to fry -- like doing his part to ensure President Barack Obama is re-elected in November.

But c'mon, Mr. Vice President! You're better than this!

Biden had a Homer Simpson "d'oh!" moment when he tried to rally a San Francisco crowd at a political fundraiser with a football metaphor and spoke of the "Giants on their way to the Super Bowl," according to The Oakland Tribune.

Umm, Mr. Vice President, the 49ers play the Giants on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game.

Biden probably felt like burying his head in the sand when some, what the Tribune described as, "good-natured boos" ensued. But he recovered with a quick apology and said he was confused with the San Francisco Giants baseball team, then went on to talk about the "49ers on their way" to the Super Bowl.

To ease Biden's embarrassment a bit, there's this: If the 49ers do win the Super Bowl, they'd join the 2010 World Series champion Giants as the second offensively challenged San Francisco pro sports team to win it all in the last two years.

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