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Best undrafted free agent in the NFL today? Tony Romo leads the pack

You don't have to be drafted to make an impact in the NFL -- or land on NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2016."

The next installment of the series will feature not one but two former undrafted free agents, building on the recent appearance by Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Allen Hurns(No. 89). As we look forward to finding out which undrafted players will make the cut, we ask this question: Who is the best former undrafted free-agent signee in the game today?

Note: "Top 100 Players" airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network until the full list has been revealed. The conversation continues on the "Top 100 Players Reaction" show, which airs immediately after at 9 p.m. ET.

There are a lot of ways you can go with this answer, but I'm going to consider the best player at the start of the 2016 season, not necessarily career-wise -- and my choice is Tony Romo. He still can play at a high level at his position, especially with rookie Ezekiel Elliott set to rejuvenate the Cowboys' running game. I'll take Romo over Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, who is at the end of his career, and Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, who does not have the kickoff leg anymore. I think Chris Harris Jr. was overshadowed by some of Denver's other defensive players -- Aqib Talib and Von Miller, among others. He's probably one of the best cornerbacks that nobody has talked about over the last couple of years. He is very physical, challenges every single play and has great recovery speed. Tony Romo is the obvious choice. He's been a good player for 10 years, and I'd still pick him, even considering his injuries last season. We used to see more undrafted quarterbacks -- guys like Jake Delhomme and Kurt Warner -- but you don't get much of that anymore. There are a lot of NFL teams trying to find a Tony Romo, a guy who can produce and lead the organization to the postseason. I'm going to go with Jason Peters, and here's why. As an undrafted tight end out of Arkansas, he had to switch to offensive tackle -- and not only did he learn to play the position, he played it at an All-Pro level, and he's been at it for 12 seasons. When you factor in the difficulty of the position switch and the level at which he's played, making the Pro Bowl eight times and earning two All-Pro nods, Peters gets my vote. There are a number of outstanding undrafted free agents playing in the NFL today, from kickers to offensive linemen to quarterbacks. There is somebody of quality playing at all the positions. But my guy is Tony Romo. In his career, he has completed 65.3 percent of his passes, which is second-best to Drew Brees (66.4 percent) among active quarterbacks. He also has 247 touchdown passes, 117 interceptions and a 97.1 passer rating. In the six playoff games he's started, Romo has eight touchdown passes against just two interceptions.

I think that everybody saw what Romo means to the Dallas Cowboys last season. In 2014, the Cowboys finished 12-4 and won the NFC East. In 2015, Romo was hurt in Week 2, and the Cowboys won just two more games the rest of the season. Romo means so much to this team, from his ability to make plays to his leadership. That is why I have this four-time Pro Bowler as my top undrafted free agent in the NFL.

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