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Best plays from Preseason Week 3

I perversely enjoy the preseason, but it's a great thing that it's almost over. There will be no more staying up late to write our recaps every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. There will be no more preseason awards to hand out.

Before we really start looking forward to the regular season, let's look back one more time on the third week of the preseason by using some of our fancy video technology. To the highlights!

Let's start the fun with Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. He played so well in his third preseason game that he got to leave early. Dwayne Harris caught two long scores, including this one. Harris might be the favorite for the No. 3 receiver job. Romo always has been underrated as a vertical passer. This pass was sweet:

Peyton Manning showed more of his arsenal against the San Francisco 49ers. The deep out in this highlight package to Demaryius Thomas is one of the toughest to complete on the route tree. Manning also showed nice touch on a deep pass. His trademark accuracy hasn't changed.

Terrelle Pryor completed three passes against the Detroit Lions. He rushed five times. Those eight plays went for 227 yards and three scores. Pryor never might be a starting quarterback, but he'll always have this ridiculous game.

Julio Jones has owned the preseason with 240 yards, but Roddy White remains very capable of a wow play or two.

Antonio Brown is one of our favorite receivers because he has such a complete game. He has terrific hands and can run any route. Even when Mike Wallace returns, Brown is the team's most valuable wideout.

We could put a variety of Russell Wilson plays on this list, but we wanted to feature the one that might have helped seal Terrell Owens' roster fate. Why keep T.O. when Braylon Edwards can do more with less hassle?

Andrew Luck just looks like a veteran. Outside of his perfect touchdown toss, the highlight clip below doesn't dazzle you. But watch his movement in the pocket and ability to throw with defenders around him. You can't teach that sort of pocket presence.

The Buffalo Bills' offense quietly has struggled all month. That tends to happen when you only have one wide receiver who worries a defense. Stevie Johnson doesn't ever seem to get a lot of separation, but he doesn't need to when he can make catches like this.

We'll wrap things up with a deep grab by Percy Harvin. After watching the Minnesota Vikings' offense this much, it's clear Harvin will have the chance to put up monster numbers if he can stay healthy. Christian Ponder just doesn't have many other options to throw to.

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