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Bernard Pollard stands by note in Titans locker room

We told you Wednesday about the, well, direct note Bernard Pollard has taped to his locker at Tennessee Titans minicamp.

As a refresher, we present the text in its entirety.

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"Goal -- Super Bowl

Mission -- Kill!!!"

It's certainly not a politically correct mission statement. Then again, we'd put Bernard Pollard's focus on political correctness somewhere between Kanye West and Howard Stern.

"I don't care what they have to say," Pollard said about the reaction to his handwritten note, according to the Tennessean. "If they feel like we're going to carry guns and knives and try and stab people and try and kill them, shame on you. You are an idiot.

"For us, when we say kill, we want to go out there and knock the (heck) out of people," he went on. "We want to hit you. And for me, we're going to help you up because I'm going to knock you back down. I have been at plenty of pee-wee football games where I have seen my son, my daughter, and you hear parents, you hear women, white, black, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, telling their sons, "Kill them! Telling their daughters, kill them!"

(Note: These are high-adrenaline children's sports contests.)

"Do I believe they mean kill them? Literally kill them? No," Pollard said. "So if you have never played this game before and you want to take that and run with it, go ahead. Shame on you. You're a fool. But for us, that is just the mentality you have to have, and that's not going to change."

As you might be able to guess, Pollard isn't concerned that his note could lead to issues with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has made it a major initiative to increase player safety.

"I really don't care what the commissioner is doing. I don't think he has ever played football," Pollard said. "He has never played in the National Football League, and he has never walked in my shoes. And I haven't walked in his, either."

If only Pollard felt comfortable enough to share his true feelings. Alas.

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