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Bengals' new lease permits international home games

The Cincinnati Bengals could be next in line to host a "home" game in London.

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The Bengals and Hamilton County reached a new lease agreement this week, which, among other additions, allows the Bengals to play two international games as the "home" team, per the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Previously the Bengals' lease, like other teams', prohibited them from playing one of their eight regular season home games anywhere other than in Paul Brown Stadium.

According to the agreement, the Bengals can play those international games during any five consecutive year period.

The NFL expanded its London series to three games in 2014: Oakland Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins, Sept. 28; Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions, Oct. 26; and Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys, Nov. 9.

With the international market a still largely untapped revenue source, the NFL has been pushing for growth. Given the newfound freedom in the stadium lease, it's safe to assume Marvin Lewis' squad will be one of the new teams heading to London in the near future.

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