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Beast Mode now doing his best to upstage NFL draft

A couple years ago, Marshawn Lynch nearly upstaged the Super Bowl with a bombshell retirement announcement. Now he's doing his best to take the spotlight off the 2017 NFL Draft.

The expected became reality on Wednesday when the necessary red tape was cleared and Lynch became an official member of his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders. Though we hoped for a video or gif of Lynch yanking his cleats off the electrical wires, we'll settle for the fun missive sent via Twitter.

A short time later, we got this photo from the Raiders' official account. The man looks ... happy.

And a video ...

Wait, did Lynch wear his photo opp Raiders helmet out of the team facility? Yeah, I think he did!

Aaron Rodgers, another Northern California native, congratulated Beast Mode on his return.

Here's a fun exercise for everyone today: Try to work "town bidness" into at least one casual conversation. No winking, no smiles. Play it straight, just like Beast Mode. Example: "Hey man, you doing anything special this weekend?" "Nah, just gonna run some errands, commit to some town bidness. You?"

And one last thing. Yesterday we wrote about how it was going to take some time to get used to Adrian Peterson in a Saints uniform. There will be no such challenges with Beast Mode in silver and black. Frankly, I can't imagine him in any other uniform. (Ducks screaming lattes from the Pacific Northwest).

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