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Bears' Urlacher selling Tebow Time, but Lovie isn't buying

The Bears' season -- so promising one day ago -- now is filled with questions after Jay Cutlersuffered a broken thumb Sunday.

In rides Caleb Hanie on his little white horse. Forget the zero NFL starts. Hanie, known in-house for his escapability, already has linebacker Brian Urlacher brainstorming new pathways for Chicago's offense.

"He's going to be able to move around in the pocket a little bit -- maybe a little (Tim) Tebow offense," Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune on Monday.

Don't bank on it. Bears coach Lovie Smith wasted no time Monday pumping the brakes on ripping pages out of the Broncos' radioactive read-option playbook.

"It's not like we're going to start running a different offense with Caleb," Smith said. "We're going to run our offense with Caleb at the helm, and we're going to win football games that way. We're going to rely on our running game a little bit more."

So, Cutler's demise won't lead to the rise of Tebow Two, but it could mean even more Matt Forte, only increasing the man's argument for a wild pay increase -- either in Chicago or somewhere else, when the time comes.

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