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Bears' Urlacher doubts Matt Forte deal in the works

Brian Urlacher is no different than most of his Chicago Bears teammates.

The decorated linebacker has watched running back Matt Forte anchor the team's offense for the past four seasons, only to have his request for a new contract ignored by the front office.

Urlacher believes Forte deserves a long-term pact, but nobody's holding their breath.

"Everyone wants Matt to get his deal and get what he wants," Urlacher told WMVP-AM on Thursday. "Is it realistic? Probably not, because nobody gets what they want these days. Or what we think we're worth. We want him to get a deal. I think either way he'll be here when he needs to be here, for training camp and the games that really count. As long as we can get him back and get him healthy, that's all that really matters."

We don't expect this to end well for Forte. Running-back value is spiraling in a pass-happy league that now favors committees of complimentary backs. The Bears were quick to pay free agent Michael Bush and the Chicago Tribune hinted Thursday that quarterback Jay Cutlermight be next in line for a new contract while Forte is left on outside looking in. Again.

Urlacher described Forte as a "different" talent, a back who "takes care of his body better than" others. High compliments, but it doesn't change Forte's situation: He lacks leverage and a contract here in May.

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