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Bears QB Cutler admits excessive hits impact him in pocket

Jay Cutler has become intimately familiar with the turf of NFL stadiums across the country during his two-plus years with the Bears.

Other quarterbacks have taken beatings, but none as consistently as Cutler, who's been sacked a league-high 101 times since 2009.

These weekly drubbings -- including 14 already this season -- would have a negative lasting effect on most people. Cutler is no exception.

"When you're getting flushed and hit a lot that clock in your head is going to go faster," Cutler said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

"It's a constant battle," he said. "The more time I have, the more comfortable I am, the more consistent (I'll be)."

When asked if he trusted his offensive line, Cutler gave an honest take.

"Yeah, I have no choice, I have to believe in them," he said.

Cutler isn't outwardly admitting he's developed the dreaded "happy feet," but if you watch him enough you'll see pocket habits that evoke memories of Rex Grossman's run at Soldier Field. An inability to protect the quarterback has become a lingering problem in Chicago, and you wonder at what point the Bears will make a concerted effort to correct it.

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