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Bears' Matt Forte expects workhorse role to continue

NEW YORK -- The trio of Jay Cutler, Josh McCown and Alshon Jeffery seemed to garner much of the spotlight on the Chicago Bears' offense this season.

While a quarterback controversy raged and Jeffery put on a weekly show, running back Matt Forte chugged along as the real heart of the Bears' attack.

The numbers bear that out: Forte finished this season with 289 carries and 74 receptions. That's 367 touches, a heavy workload for any running back -- especially one with six seasons of tread on the tires.

Forte has no problem continuing to be a workhorse at that level.

"That's what I expect," he told me on Radio Row. "It wasn't like I was worn out at the end of the season or anything. I only averaged 18 or 19 catches a game but with the catches you get more touches that way."

"I think age is just a number like everyone says," he added. "It doesn't really matter if someone is 29, 28, 30 years old. It just depends on how their body feels and at the same time if they take care of their body."

Speaking of Cutler, Forte is on board with the mega-deal that could keep the quarterback in Chicago through the 2020 season.

"I think it's a smart move," he said. "Jay's a great quarterback. He went through some injury trouble this year, but he was playing very well in this offense. I just want to see him come back and be healthy and see how good he does, especially with a whole year under his belt with the offense."

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