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Bears' Martellus Bennett on Jay Cutler: 'He sees me'

Too much has been made about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler locking in on wide receiver Brandon Marshall during the preseason.

Cutler went to Marshall on all five of his pass attempts in last week's 33-28 victory over the San Diego Chargers, leaving Martellus Bennett out in the cold for a second consecutive week. Bennett, signed in March to serve as a pass-catching tight end, has yet to be targeted in the preseason, but -- like we said -- it's no biggie.

"In the preseason, those catches don't get you any extra checks," Bennett said Wednesday, per ESPN Chicago. "In the regular season, those catches do. We'll take it up a notch. We're not even showing our full hand right now. It's a poker game right now. We have the advantage not showing our hand so nobody knows what our offense is. We are just running basic plays."

He's right. New coach Marc Trestman isn't going to show much in August. During last year's preseason, Washington Redskins rookie passer Robert Griffin III tossed mostly dump-offs and screens, only to scorch the New Orleans Saints with a series of aggressive downfield passes in the regular-season opener. Trestman's offense is equally shrouded in mystery.

And Bennett isn't fretting over Cutler looking the other way.

"He sees me; I'm 6-foot-7, a big black guy running down the middle of the field. He sees me," Bennett said. "I wear white gloves, so he can see the white gloves when I wave them like Mickey Mouse. I clap when I'm open. ... Even when I'm not open, I tell him I was open."

On second thought, if you're Jay Cutler, this could get annoying.

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