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Bears LB Urlacher thinks defenders deserve more safety rules

Considering his status as a seven-time Pro Bowler, it's worth listening to Brian Urlacher when he discusses NFL rules he deems unfair.

The Bears linebacker was a guest Thursday on "The Dan Patrick Show," where Urlacher was asked why it was legal for running backs to lead with their helmet, but a defender can't do the same?

"That's a good question," said Urlacher, a mainstay in Chicago since 2000. "I mean, why can they crack back on us when we're not looking?

"We're defenseless, I know we play defense, but we're defenseless when we're not looking at the guy who's blocking us or when the guy's come out and cut out our knees from underneath us," he said. "How's that legal? We're defenseless then, too."

Urlacher has a point, and he speaks to the larger challenge facing the NFL. As the league continues to add guidelines aimed at protecting offensive players, is the safety of players on the other side of the ball being overlooked? It certainly sounds like Urlacher feels that way.

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