Bears coach Matt Nagy vows to run it more

After a honeymoon in 2018, Bears coach Matt Nagy has received some criticism for his offense this season.

Much of that is fair.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky has been in a similar position and that, too, is fair.

As blunt a communicator as there is, Nagy doesn't shy away from criticism, especially when it's warranted. It's why he very publicly said this week, "I'm not an idiot" and then acknowledged that they need to run the ball more.

According to those with knowledge of his message this week, Nagy's words to his players were just as straight-forward and real. During a week of tough conversations, in-your-face assessment and soul-searching in Chicago, Nagy told players it was "horse-[expletive]" that he only called seven run plays. That can't happen, and it's going to change.

That is accountability. As the Bears play the reeling Chargers, the aim will be to get back to what they know, why they were successful last year, and run the ball with David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Cordarrelle Patterson and others.

While Trubisky's performance has been critiqued, the organization has stood behind him and the belief is nothing will help him as much as a solid run game. That should assist him by putting him in positions to succeed and clearing his head to focus on simply executing.

Players -- specifically the offensive linemen -- have been advocating for a rushing attack focused on running with power. They have been vocal about what they like and don't like. Same with Trubisky.

That brings up the other part of Nagy's focus: When he calls it, they better execute it properly. If they are going to fight for it, they better make it count. That's part of accountability, too.

The hope for the Bears is that it all culminates in the kind of performance they've been lacking thus far.

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