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Bears' Brandon Marshall: Jay Cutler yelled at me, too

Brandon Marshall wore a white T-shirt on Wednesday with the words "God is Awesome" across his chest. Unfortunately, not even the big guy upstairs could spare Marshall from Jay Cutler's fury last Thursday night.

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"If you go back earlier in the game, you will see him yell at me, but that's just Jay," Marshall told reporters. "Like I said, as long as we are communicating the right way and being productive.

"A lot of people will say, he tapped you on the head. Jay got in my ear and got me going. I think Jay is learning how to communicate with guys. I'm a guy who he can do that with. And even J'Marcus (Webb)."

Cutler, of course, yelled at and physically bumped left tackle J'Marcus Webb during the Bears' 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers, creating a huge stir in the process. Cutler acknowledged Tuesday he "probably shouldn't have bumped" Webb.

Jeff Fisher, whose St. Louis Rams will face the Chicago Bears this Sunday, believes Cutler should be left alone.

"A guy has an opportunity as a quarterback in the huddle or on the sideline to voice his opinion," Fisher said in a conference call Wednesday, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

"(He's) not the first quarterback to do that. A quarterback that's got a chance to lead a football team and win games has to take that position. So I think you guys, or whoever's generating this stuff, ought to back off and let him play."

We absolutely agree. Who wants a quarterback who acts like a zombie in the huddle and on the sidelines? Unless you're Eli Manning, this doesn't generally end well.

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