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Barwin tabs Watt 'The Milk Man' because 'he always delivers'

Despite his rich history as a Pizza Hut delivery boy, you will do well to call Texans defensive end J.J. Watt "The Milk Man" from here on out.

If Watt's notable rookie season was still a secret to some heading into the postseason, his 29-yard pick six against the Bengals during last Saturday's wild-card win put him on the map and compelled Texans outside linebacker Connor Barwin to anoint his teammate with a new identity.

"ATTENTION TEXANS FANS: JJ Watt's new nickname is 'The Milk Man'....because he always delivers! (and he's white)," Barwin tweeted this week.

"He also really likes milk...he even orders it at restaurants," Barwin wrote. "And personally I think @JJWatt should change his twitter handle to @TheMilkMan99 tonight!...what do you guys think?"

A quick search revealed that @TheMilkMan99 already belongs to another gentlemen whose lone tweet (ever) is from September 2009, a one-word opus to the world: "chilling."

Yes, friends, this new nickname thing can be tricky.

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