Bart Scott, Antonio Cromartie deny criticizing Tim Tebow

Bart Scott didn't take too kindly to NFL Network analyst LaDanian Tomlinson's belief that the New York Jets linebacker is one of the parties likely responsible for criticizing quarterback Tim Tebow in a New York Daily News article that ran this week.

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"That can't be farther from the truth," Scott said Thursday, via the New York Post. "One thing about me is I ain't ever hid behind (junk) that I've ever said. I'm not afraid to put my name to it. Go to a person and say it to them.

"LaDainian is out of line in thinking I have that type of character. I don't know what he believes I showed to him when he was here. If anything, I hope I showed him I was a leader and I never try to be a distraction."

Tomlinson, who played for the Jets in 2010 and 2011, said Wednesday on his SiriusXM NFL Radio show that he believed Scott and cornerback Antonio Cromartie were the anonymous players being quoted in the story. So far, the sources remain anonymous, but Scott presents an interesting theory to the origin of the quotes.

"I think the anonymous person is probably some smoke in the air or a fart off somebody's (butt)," Scott said.

Cromartie also denied making any critical comments about Tebow.

"I heard it (Tomlinson's quotes), but I have no response for a retired player," Cromartie said Thursday, via "Y'all know me. If I say something, I put my name on everything I say. I really don't care if I hurt somebody's feelings. That's not me.

"For me to sit here and talk about a teammate, nah. If I'm going to talk about a teammate, I'm going to tell him in person. I'm not going to go to the media and say I'm an anonymous-type person. I'm not that kind of cowardly person."

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