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Baltimore Ravens receive their Super Bowl XLVII rings

We've reached the final spoils of victory for the Super Bowl XLVII champion Baltimore Ravens.

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Friday was ring presentation night in Charm City.'s Aditi Kinkhabwala, on hand at the Ravens' fieldhouse, likened the lavish event to a wedding reception.

It sounded more like Christmas morning.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti gave special thanks to general manager Ozzie Newsome and retired linebacker Ray Lewis, calling the duo the two most integral parts of the organization in the past year. He raised a toast to Art Modell, the Ravens' late owner, and presented Super Bowl rings to Modell's sons, David and John.

The Ravens also invited all five members of the franchise's ring of honor -- Michael McCrary, Peter Boulware, Jamal Lewis, Jonathan Ogden and Matt Stover -- with Bisciotti explaining that people in the exclusive club will receive this ring and any more to come.

Joe Flacco told The Baltimore Sun the ring is "kind of unwearable" (a total Joe Flacco comment), but added he plans to "show it off a little bit."

"It has a lot of different meanings," wide receiver Torrey Smith said of the ring. "There won't be another season like this. We can win the Super Bowl every year while I'm in the league and there will be nothing like this."

Lewis is the only Raven to be on both Super Bowl-winning teams.

"To have two of them on my hand right now is the ultimate," Lewis said. "To get one in my fifth year like Joe did, and now to get one in my 17th year and end like that. There's no better way to go out when you talk about going out when I can hold this the rest of my life and know I went out as champ."

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