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Baltimore Ravens' Jacoby Jones denies party bus fight

Put on your hard hat, we're hopping back aboard the Bryant McKinnie party bus.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones now has put his own spin on the TMZ report that he was "bleeding everywhere" after a stripper named Sweet Pea apparently struck him over the head with a champagne bottle early Monday morning.

"I'm going to take the responsibility that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Jones told WJZ-FM, via the Ravens' official website. "There was no altercation. There's nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong, but I take responsibility for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Enough said. I apologize to my teammates and everybody."

Jones is in lockstep with McKinnie, who told a local radio station strippers were not on the bus.

"(Jones) didn't get hit over the head with a bottle," McKinnie told WNST-FM. "You had a girl who ... managed to find her way on the bus at the end of the night."

McKinnie added: "She wasn't invited."

Of course, all this is really just an excuse to get to the fun stuff. Specifically, quoting Sweet Pea in an article on

"I would like to clear up the fact that I'm a waitress & the girls on the pic aren't a bunch of strippers," Sweet Pea wrote in an extended tweet. "Jacoby and I had a verbal confrontation and that was it!!! I never hit him with a bottle & I wish ppl would stop spreading lies on the internet."

We all have wishes, Sweet Pea. They just don't always come true.

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