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Baltimore Ravens' final workout a family affair

The Baltimore Ravens had approximately 600 family members at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for a final workout that wasn't much of one. It more closely resembled a celebration for a jovial 15 minutes.

"It's the kind of foundation of everything we do," coach John Harbaugh told pool reporter Brian Allee-Walsh about the relaxed atmosphere. "That has been the whole story line of the whole week. In a sense that's how we did it growing up, when we were kids. We grew up around dad's teams.

"Most of the time in the NFL it's not that way. Most of the time there is the separation of families and it's considered to be a distraction. I just think the opposite. For me, it's a distraction when people are more worried about their families not being allowed to be a part of it. When the families are included, the kids get to the know the players, and I think guys have a better sense of well-being. I think this is a good example of it right here."

Harbaugh had his daughter on the field. Ray Rice tackled his mom. And so on.

Harbaugh described the week as "effective."

"We have been very effective. We've gotten everything we've needed to get done, that's the No. 1 thing," Harbaugh said. "But it what was not without some adversity, which is always a good thing. With all the stuff we've been through this year, it just seemed like a minor bump in the road. Nothing you can't plow right through and make it work. Usually when stuff like that happens it works out better.

"I think in some ways it worked out better for us. It has benefited us in some way."

Harbaugh was talking about switching practice venues, but they also dealt with the Ray Lewisaccusations. That was certainly an unwanted annoyance, but it also could serve as another rallying call.

Either way, the Ravens don't seemed stressed about Sunday.

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