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Bailey: Tebow's arrival will warm Sanchez's seat

Champ Bailey sees the writing on the wall now that former teammate Tim Tebow is with the New York Jets. He just wonders if Mark Sanchez can see it, too.

"Oh, he's going to challenge him, absolutely," Bailey said at the Nike uniform launch Tuesday in New York, according to "Sanchez can't feel too comfortable in his seat. If he keeps playing well, he doesn't have to worry about it. But if he doesn't play well, we all know what's going to happen next."

Bailey, an 11-time Pro Bowl cornerback, was in the eye of the Tebowmania storm for two seasons in Denver. Though Tebow is expected to be the Jets' No. 2 quarterback and Wildcat specialist, Bailey has a feeling that Tebow's days as a starting quarterback in the NFL aren't over.

"I think he'll do it (be a situational player)," Bailey said. "Will he like doing it for the rest of his career? I don't think so. I think this is a short-term thing. The guy will be a starter at some point, whether it's here or somewhere else, because he's going to work to get it done."

Bailey predicts Tebowmania will only grow bigger in New York, though that's only true if Tebow actually takes Sanchez's job. Of course, Bailey isn't the only one who believes that's exactly what could happen.

So no, don't get comfortable, Sanchize.

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