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Bad cases of indigestion part of Rex's lap-band experience

We're well aware of the various effects Tim Tebow can have on people, from feelings of admiration to hate and everything in between. But indigestion? That's a new one to us.

All kidding aside, the Denver Post reported Saturday that paramedics from the Denver Fire Department were sent to Harry B. Combs Parkway near the Denver International Airport where the Jets' charter plane was preparing to take off following last week's 17-13 loss to the Broncos.

The reason? Jets coach Rex Ryan suffered from a severe case of indigestion. While we'd like to think Tebow somehow was responsible, it turns out the combination of a postgame meal and the lap-band surgery Ryan had in 2010 is why his stomach was twisting and turning.

Ryan didn't feel well on the team's bus ride to the airport, but he felt fine by the time they arrived and never was examined by paramedics.

"Sometimes with the lap band, you get indigestion," Ryan told the Denver Post. "All along, I knew that was the case. However, our medical staff didn't want to take any chances. Once I got to the airport, I felt better. It was no big deal. Believe me, the loss to the Broncos hurt a lot worse than this did."

This sort of thing is apparently common with people who have the lap band procedure, so don't think for one second that the big guy let this affect his Thanksgiving meal.

"We had quite a few people over and had a good time," Ryan said during his Friday news conference. "Whew, the lap band was in trouble. It got stretched out. I was stretching that bad boy out."

We prefer not to imagine the aftermath and can only wonder if a Pepto-Bismol commercial might be in Rex's future.

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