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Babin says Bears employed dirty blocks in win over Eagles

We've seen this before, folks.

Insert (Player A) calling (Team B) dirty.

This time around, Eagles defensive end Jason Babin has pointed the finger at the Bears, saying they employed dangerous blocks against him in Monday's loss to Chicago.

Babin didn't catch it in real time, but in reviewing the tape, he said Bears tight end Kellen Davis, while in motion, nailed him from the side at the snap. Babin received text messages from players watching on TV, letting him know he'd taken an untoward hit.

"I saw it on tape and was like, 'Wow, they did that?' " Babin told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday. "It was definitely an intentionally called play. Technically, no, it's not illegal, but if you look at the rules of a defenseless player, obviously I'm defenseless.

"I'd assumed (Bears coach) Lovie Smith has enough professionalism to not do something like that,"

Babin said the Eagles have brought the play to the league's attention.

Babin is one of the NFC's most disruptive forces and it's not surprising the Bears would key on him. The emphasis on containing Babin could be taken as a compliment, but "I don't want the compliment" he said with a laugh.

We'll wait to see if the league has a response to this one.

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