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ATL Warming Seat: Lovie Smith earns his place


Here's a list you don't want to be on. Every week, Around The League breaks down five coaches whose seats are warming up as the weather cools down.

Old friends Norv Turner and Andy Reid are almost certainly doomed, so let's show some mercy and take them out of play here. Everyone else is fair game.

1. Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears

(Last week: Unranked)

Here's a fun fact we're sure hasn't escaped the men in the nice offices at Bears headquarters: Chicago is 2-8 in post-Thanksgiving portion of their schedule since last season.

2. Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns

(Last week: Unranked)

Shurmur avoided The Warming Seat for a few weeks as the Browns improved their play. An ugly loss to the RG3-less Redskins surely led to at least one furious Jimmy Haslam III leg-cross.

3. Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills

(Last week: No. 4)

A 50-17 loss to the Seahawks in Toronto proved the Bills can be totally overwhelmed on either side of the border. How can management not act if a Gailey team loses 10+ for a third consecutive season?

4. Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals

(Last week: No. 1)

The Cardinals snapped a nine-game losing streak on Sunday, but Whiz still has his toasty chair. Only two more weeks of Ryan Lindley game film, coach. You can get through this.

5. Rex Ryan, New York Jets

(Last week: Unranked)

Poor Rex looked like his head was about to explode as he marched off the field after another Jets meltdown in primetime. Mark Sanchez has finally been dealt with, but could the delay cost Ryan his job?

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