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ATL Mailbag: Which QB will establish the 4K/1K club?

It's Sunday afternoon. You wish you could be watching football. You know you don't want to watch golf. Will you settle for a mailbag?

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Let's get on with it ...

How will the Green Bay Packers do in the new season after losing two valuable players: Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings? -- Lord Pretty Flacko. @ATL21

The Packers basically packed veteran wide receiver Greg Jennings' bags for him, so I imagine the team believes it will survive his loss. After all, the Packers' offense kept chugging in 2012 despite Jennings missing half the season. As for Woodson, it's telling that he hasn't attracted a nibble from 32 teams since becoming a free agent. At 37, Woodson's best football is in the rear-view mirror.

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As long as the Packers still have the planet's best quarterback on their side, they'll be a threat in the NFC. Just leave him alone at restaurants, will ya?

Why haven't the St. Louis Rams tried to bring in a free-agent running back? -- Blake Gifford @BlakeGifford97

For the same reason they allowed Steven Jackson to walk -- they like their in-house options. General manager Les Snead found a seventh-round steal in Daryl Richardson, who averaged 4.8 yards per rush in limited duty last year. The Rams also expect more from Isaiah Pead, a second-round pick last year who fell behind Richardson on the depth chart.

That said, don't rule out the Rams taking a running back in this month's draft.

What team(s) that didn't make the playoffs this past year has the best chance of making a deep run this year? -- Alex Cole @ACole_5

I like the vibe the Philadelphia Eagles have going right now. It was time for Andy Reid to move on, and Chip Kelly has the potential to turn that ship around quickly.

Speaking of Reid, how about the Kansas City Chiefs? Plenty of talent on that roster, and Alex Smith is an obvious upgrade at quarterback. Add left tackle Luke Joeckel (the presumptive No. 1 overall pick), and we definitely can see the Chiefs competing for a wild-card spot.

If I had to pick one team that could get back into the playoffs and make some noise, it would be the New Orleans Saints. The "bounty" scandal is (mercifully) history, Sean Payton is back, the defense is getting a facelift and a still-in-his-prime Drew Brees is presiding over everything. We haven't seen this much motivation for revenge since Steven Seagal took Senator Vernon Trent to the blood bank in "Hard To Kill."

What team is Ed Reed on? Texans or anyone yet? -- R4V3NS r B34ST @CameronDelaney6

He actually signed with Mars. Pretty controversial, but dollars make sense.

If you could put a franchise in any city in the world, where and why? And what would you name them? #ATLDC -- Tristan @reject_cky

You mean, beside Los Angeles? Assuming I couldn't land the L.A. Food Trucks, I'd choose London. The game's annual trip over there always seems to go well, and the nature of the NFL schedule makes having a team in Europe feasible. As for the name? London Broil? London Wonderwalls?

Oh, who are we kidding. The London Jaguars, right Shad?

Beside football, is there any other meaning to life? -- TJ Tarleton @Zidane_666

"Mad Men" on Sunday nights. Truly great pizza. The love of a good woman. That about covers it.

What's the next big record that's going to be broken? #singleseasontds #hopehesonmyfantasyteam -- J McGoey @PowersMcGoey

The Pistol and the read-option have created a new world in the NFL, so let's talk about a new record. Who will become the first quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards and run for 1,000?

Robert Griffin III was the safe pick before his latest knee injury. We expect him to play a more reserved game in 2013 ... and potentially beyond.

How about Colin Kaepernick? In 10 starts last season, he averaged 240.6 passing yards and 56.8 rushing yards. Extrapolate that over 16 games, and he'd have 3,849 passing yards and 909 rushing yards.

Obviously, that would put him just shy of the 4K/1K club, but he's in the neighborhood. In other words, he's somebody who you want anchoring your fantasy lineup.

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